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Flat gate valve model and standard parameters of flat gate valve

The flat gate valve is a parallel gate valve with two sealing surfaces parallel to the vertical centerline, the elastic floating valve seat and the gate always fit each other during opening and closing, and the gate is a plate type.

The model and basic parameter standards of Dongda flat gate valve are as follows:

     1. Model

     1. The preparation method of product model is in accordance with JB 308.

     2. There are four types of single ram, double ram, with or without orifice.

2. Basic standard parameters

     1. The nominal pressure is in accordance with GB 1048.

     2. The nominal pass shall be in accordance with the provisions of GB 1047.

     3. The pressure-temperature rating of steel pipe flanges is in accordance with GB 9131.

The slab gate valve cannot be used to adjust the flow of the medium in the pipeline. Its main function is to control the on and off of the pipeline. It can be used in urban pipelines, natural gas, gas pipelines, environmental protection, chemical and petroleum pipelines. It has the characteristics of small opening and closing torque, small flow resistance coefficient, good sealing performance and long service life.

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