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The design and manufacture of flat gate valve

We have already introduced a lot of relevant introductions of flat gate valves, such as the structural characteristics, installation items, and scope of application of flat gate valves. Today, we will mainly talk about the design and manufacture of flat gate valves.

    1. Flat gate valves are generally single-sided automatic sealing gate valves, and the outlet side is sealed. The roughness and processing accuracy of the valve seat and gate surface directly affect the sealing performance and service life of the valve.

    2. During the opening and closing process, the sealing surfaces of the valve are generally in a state of joint friction. The valve seat and gate should be rounded and smooth to prevent scratches.

    3. Hardness matching should be strictly carried out. When designing, the width of the sealing surface of the gate is usually larger than that of the valve seat, and because the gate can be replaced and easily repaired, the hardness of the valve seat should be 3~5HRC higher than the gate in general.

    4. Properly control the preload of the spring. It is mainly adjusted by the opening size to ensure proper preload without difficulty in assembly.

    5. In order to prevent abnormal pressure rise in the middle cavity, the valve seat on the inlet side should generally have a drain hole or a bypass valve.

    6. Parallel double-gate gate valves with side vents or pressure relief valves are generally one-way sealing, which is not suitable for occasions requiring bilateral sealing and isolation.

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