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my country's valve industry "de-capacity" curtain opened

       "Overcapacity" is not unique to China. Any growth is limited. After the individual's growth reaches its limit, it has to consume the excess energy originally used for growth to keep itself from collapsing. Various industry associations take the lead in researching and formulating an overall plan to resolve overcapacity, focusing on solving the problem of overcapacity in the steel, shipbuilding and valve industries. This marks the beginning of the "de-capacity" curtain. Drawing on the mature experience of developed countries such as the United States and Japan, managing Chinese-style overcapacity will be a challenging and major issue.

       In the 1960s and 1970s, in order to alleviate the overcapacity of the domestic manufacturing industry, Japan adopted a comparative advantage-based and trade-biased investment strategy for investment in developing countries and regions, and gradually moved the comparatively disadvantaged industries abroad. After the mid-1980s, affected by the appreciation of the yen, Japanese domestic traditional manufacturing companies accelerated overseas investment in countries and regions such as Asia and mainland China, and transferred excess capacity overseas. In this process, Japan not only formed a vertical division of labor between its home country and the investing country, which promoted the export of its own technology and equipment, but also through large-scale overseas investment, its manufacturing structure has undergone tremendous changes, turning to metals with high value-added productivity. The industrial, chemical and mechanical valve industry has formed a manufacturing structure centered on the heavy chemical industry, forming a twin engine driven by the manufacturing industry.

After the rapid development of the valve industry in the past few years, the industrial production capacity has been excessively expanded, and the market environment has deteriorated. Although the total demand has increased year by year, it is far behind the growth of supply capacity. For example, the homogeneity of products such as ball valves, gate valves, and globe valves has become increasingly fierce. . Contradictions such as low product quality, key core technologies constrained by people, backward industrial management, lack of well-known brands, and extensive development methods that have long restricted the development of the industry have made the transformation and upgrading of the industry urgent.

   This year, China's valve companies are facing increasing export pressure and their profit levels continue to decline. Many valve companies have expanded their exports to survive, and the export value of valve products has increased year by year. Valve companies should strengthen technological innovation, shift from focusing on quantity and scale expansion to focusing more on the pursuit of quality and efficiency, and actively explore the domestic market to promote the sound development of China's valve industry. However, other small and medium-sized valve companies that are limited by technical barriers can consider emerging sub-fields such as floor heating manifolds that have large demand for valves to enhance engineering supporting capabilities and increase the added value of valve products.

   With the continuous development of valve technology and the continuous expansion of valve applications, corresponding valve standards are becoming more and more indispensable. Valve industry products have entered a period of innovation. Not only the product categories need to be updated, but the internal management of the enterprise also needs to deepen reforms in accordance with industry standards.

Therefore, through the re-shuffling process of the company, the person in charge of Shanghai Mingbao Valve felt that technological innovation should be strengthened, shifting from the focus on quantity and scale expansion to focusing more on the pursuit of quality and efficiency, actively exploring the domestic market, and promoting the benignness of the Chinese valve industry development of. However, other small and medium-sized valve companies that are limited by technical barriers can consider emerging subdivisions with high demand for environmentally friendly valves and energy-saving valves to enhance their engineering supporting capabilities. It is also possible to “go out” to produce in other countries, sell or export valve products locally, bypassing the trade barriers of relevant countries. Actively creating external demand, accelerating China's industrial capital going out, and actively advancing the "capacity output" strategy can not only alleviate the contradiction between internal supply and demand, but also bring new opportunities for the global development of Chinese valve companies.

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