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How to deal with internal leakage of fire valve

  Fire valve is an important accessory for industrial and construction pipeline control. The main product has high control accuracy, especially a valve for flow control. At present, it is widely used in industrialized control systems, and various problems usually occur during use to trouble us. This editor mainly tells you the causes and treatment methods of internal leakage of fire valves.

  1. From the analysis of the cause and solution of the problem, the maintenance/repair personnel are likely to cause internal leakage of the electric control valve due to the influence of the process during processing or assembly. At this time, it is mainly due to the comparative fixed limit switch When the control medium is running, the continuous flushing and mode of the regulating valve will cause the valve to fail to close and cause internal leakage. In this regard, we should mainly adjust the position of the limit switch to solve this phenomenon.

  2. The internal leakage of the fire valve was caused by improper debugging. Due to the failure of the electric control valve in the control part, various reasons such as the limit switch and over-torque switch of the valve lead to wear or corrosion of the sealing surface, which will also cause internal leakage. In this regard, we should still work hard to adjust the limit switch.

   3. Due to the inaccurate zero setting of the electric actuator, this is the reason that the valve cannot be fully closed and internal leakage occurs. The main adjustment method is to manually close the valve, or use the manual valve to close the valve and then turn it back half a turn after it can't move. This is to adjust the limit.

  4. The valve is a closed type of push-down. If the thrust of the actuator is not large enough, the valve cannot be fully closed and internal leakage occurs. The main solution is to replace the high-thrust actuator.

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