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Z554Y Expansion Plate Gate Valve

Z554Y Expansion Plate Gate Valve

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Product Details

Through Conduit Expanding Gate Valve is a gate valve design structure product imported from abroad. It has the function of two-way blocking and forced sealing. It can be widely used in geothermal medium, natural gas, oil and other devices such as mining, transportation, storage and transportation. ; It can also be widely used in downstream petrochemical process pipeline equipment, including various oil, gas, acid, alkali corrosive or toxic media, high temperature media, etc.

Application range:

The flat gate valve is suitable for natural gas, petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, urban pipelines, gas pipelines and other transportation pipelines, venting systems and steam storage devices, as opening and closing equipment.

1. For oil and natural gas pipelines, use single or double gate flat gate valves. If you need to clean the pipeline, use single or double gate open-rod flat gate valve with diversion holes.


2. For the transportation pipeline and storage and transportation equipment of refined oil, select single gate valve without diversion hole or light flat gate valve.


3. For oil and natural gas extraction wellhead devices, single-gate or double-gate flat gate valves with dark rod floating valve seats and diversion holes are used, most of which are API16A standards, and the pressure levels are API2000, API3000, API5000, API10000, API15000, API20000.

 (2 1/16”- 7 1/16” 2000-20000 PSI PR1. PR2 PSL1-PSL4 AA. BB. CC. DD. EE. FF)

4. For pipelines with suspended particles, use hard-sealed flat gate valves or knife-type flat gate valves.


5. The city gas transmission pipeline uses a flat gate valve dedicated to buried gas with a dark rod.


6. For urban tap water projects, single-gate soft-sealed open-rod flat gate valve is selected.


Structural features:

1. The transmission device drives the valve stem, and the valve stem drives the main gate to move up and down; the auxiliary gate moves together with the main gate under the drive of the connecting rod, so as to realize the open and close positions of the combined gate to support the upper and lower media. The circulation and truncation.

2. At the beginning and end of the movement process of the combined ram, due to the change of the position of the main and auxiliary rams with the inclined surface, the sealing surfaces on both sides of the combined ram will be tightly and expanded, so as to achieve forced sealing and to achieve sealing when opening. The protective effect of the surface.

3. When fully opened, a pair of inclined surfaces on the combined gate are separated, and both sides of the gate are pressed against the sealing surface of the valve body to isolate the medium and other impurities from entering the valve body cavity.

4. During the opening and closing process, the two slopes of the main and auxiliary gates are close to the two sides of the gate, and there is a small gap with the sealing surface of the valve body to ensure the free movement of the gate.

5. When fully closed, separate a pair of inclined surfaces under the combined gate, and make the two sides of the gate press the cover tightly to realize the absolute seal of the valve.

Standard Specification:

Design and manufacturing standards: API 6D

Structure length standard: API 6D

Connecting flange standard: ASME B16.5

Pressure temperature rating: ASME B16.34

Test inspection standard: API598

Parts materials and working conditions:

Part Name

Parts materials



A216 WCB

A216 WCB  


A182 F6A+ENP+13CR

A182 F6A+STL


A182 F6A

A182 F6A

Valve seat


A182 F6A+STL


Flexible graphite


Flexible graphite/304


A193 B7

A193 B7M

proper temperature



Applicable medium

Water, oil, steam

Water, oil, steam

*The casting material complies with NACE 0175 standard


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