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Parallel double gate valve

Parallel double gate valve

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Product Details

product description:

Z944T/W-10 electric parallel double gate gate valve is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electric power and other industries. It is used for opening and closing the pipeline of steam, water, oil and other media with a nominal pressure of ≤1.0Mpa.

Application range:

Urban construction, chemical industry, metallurgy, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, environmental protection.

Structural features:

1. When the system is working normally, the gate opens and closes at a constant speed of 1.0m/min; while the closing of the system during an accident such as a power failure is divided into two stages: fast and slow closing. 100-20% opening is fast closing, time 10 (S). 20-0% opening is slow closing, and the time is 40 (S).

2. It is used as a stop and check valve at the outlet of the water pump. The valve also has a stem locking device. Ensure safe operation.

3. The Z943T gate valve adopts a new electric device, which can be operated locally or remotely, and can meet the requirements of computer program control. The control is accurate, safe and reliable.

Standard Specification:


Nominal pressure


test pressure

proper temperature 


Applicable medium

Strength (water)


Seal (water)


Z944T-≤200Steam, water,


Material of main parts:

Part NameMaterial material
Valve body, valve covergrey cast irongrey cast iron
gateGray cast iron + brassgrey cast iron
StemCarbon steel (copper)Carbon steel (copper)
Stem nutBronze (ductile iron)Bronze (ductile iron)


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